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Current Teaching Series:
A Mighty Redwood
Standing Tall When Others Lean On You

Equipped for Eternity
Lessons from Hebrews Chapters 7 - 13
Captured by Christ
A study of Colossians
Green Letters
A Bible Study Utilizing the Book by Miles J. Stanford

Shortest Books of the New Testament
Grounded For Growth
- A study of the book of Hebrews
Crucible - The choices that change your life forever

Carl's Corner
Encouraging Thoughts from Carl Kinnoin

Ode to Joy - Psalm 43
A closer look of where joy comes from, how it effects us, and what keeps us from it.
Forever Faithful
A Study from 2 Timothy
Persevering, Enduring During Strenuous Times

Focus on the Family's The Truth Project

Parables of Jesus
Jesus was a master story-teller.  He often used parables to communicate eternal truths. 
A study of Job
Great character modeled in everyday life.
Hope Doesn't Float
´┐ŻNow faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. -
Hebrews: 11:1
8 Practical Applications from Romans Chapter 8
A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness
Experiencing God's Provision During Lean Times
The Greatest Life of All
A character study of Jesus
Becoming Equipped to Influence Others for Christ
A Model for Selfless Dedication
91st Street - A Place Called Home
A study on Psalm 91
A Study in Leadership
A Study of Daniel
King David Character of Paul
The Testing of Your Faith
A Video Series by Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson
with additional input and moderating by various class members
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Creation vs. Evolution

Christ has forgiven us.  We must forgive others!

Faith and Freedom In Christ
Conducting a Spiritual Audit
A contemporary study of the book of
Making a Trade
Practical Parables A Thanksgiving Psalm

The Marriage House
Hebrews Highlights

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