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Joseph � A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness
Genesis 30-50

A Brief Overview

lIt would be good to break Joseph�s life into 3 segments:

Birth to 17 (Genesis 30:24 - 37:2)

17 to 30 years old (Genesis 37:2 - 41:46)

30 to Death (Genesis 41:46 � 50:26)

lBefore we dive into Joseph, we have to unpack his Father�.. Jacob.  Literal name was �deceiver�, he tricked Esau for the birthright, and was later renamed Israel. Which means �God Strives�, just like He does in our lives

lRead Genesis 37:1-3 � What do you see?

lJacob a deceiver, we see that he was a passive father.

lA man who was too busy for his family, too preoccupied and unconcerned, which meant he was to passive towards his kids.

lLaban tricked Jacob into marrying Leah, the older sister. Jacob worked for 14 years just to be Rachel. 

lRachel was barren for most of their married life.  For women of this culture this was a measurement of success. In naming Joseph (�add to me�) shows her desperate need to have another son to prove her worth.

lLeah and Rachel were always in competition for Jacob. Leah had 6 sons, 1 daughter before Joseph came along.

On The Road To Canaan

lThe ultimate road trip: (Rape of Dinah in Shechem, Brothers murderous rampage, Jacob�s response�)

lJoseph grew up in deception, intrigue, anger, rebellion and rivalry.  His brothers were jealous and without standards.

lFrom the time of Joseph�s birth, he was the favorite son. He was the firstborn of his true love wife. Born in Jacob�s old age, he showed Joseph unwise favoritism. Remember that passive fathers tend to favor the child that is easiest to raise.

lJacob was not ashamed of his favoritism, demonstrated by the multi-colored tunic. This tunic was costly, went to his wrists and ankles.  Tough to work in a coat like that.

l�Could not speak a kind word� (Gen 37:4)

lAdding insult to injury, Joseph was a dreamer. If he didn�t have troubles before, he does now. (Gen 37:5-11) Notice that Jacob�s response was passive again.

lNext, Jacob sends Joseph out to check the brothers in Shechem. (The same place that Dinah got raped) Was Jacob oblivious to what he was sending Joseph into?

Lessons learned from Adversity

lNo Enemy is more subtle than Passivity.
When we discipline in this mode, the delayed reaction is often carried out in anger.
Passivity blinds us to the here and now, it makes us inconsistent.
This is larger than just parent/child relationships
Top disciplinary issues in school in 1940 vs 1990.
The average child spends 7 hours in front of a TV and 5 minutes in front of Dad.
lNo Response is more cruel than Jealousy.
SOS 8:6 � �Jealousy is as cruel as a grave�
We have to deal with attitudes as severely as we deal with actions. Come down hard on the wrong, reward the right. To do this our attitudes must be right.
Jealousy never corrects itself, it only leads to greater ills.
lNo Action is more powerful than Prayer.
Nothing shows that Jacob did, but he could have. Prayer brings the power to endure.

Small Group Questions

lAre you taking the initiative in conveying to your children, in ways they can understand, that they are loved?  What are some ways to do that?

lThere is a little bit of Jacob in all of us.  Do you tend to avoid conflicts?  When confronted do you rely more on your own cunning than on God?

lIdentify the seeds of discontent in Jacob�s 4 wives?  Were they passive as well?

lWhat will be the legacy that you leave your children? Will it be a love for God and others? What needs changing to begin moving you toward something better?

lWhat parallels can you draw between the life of Joseph and Jesus?

lHave you or are you now going through circumstances similar to what Joseph and Jesus endured? In what ways can you identify with them?

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