Nehemiah – Chapter 10

“Becoming a Leader from the Knee’s Up”

First Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah Chapter One:

  ·                Good Leaders Put People First

·                A Spiritual Leader goes first to God, and then makes themselves available.

·                Prayer makes us wait, clears our vision, quiets our hearts, it activates our faith.

·                You have to Know the Word, to Claim It.

  Week 1 class handout

Second Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah Chapter Two:      

  ·                Sometimes in Life, YOU HAVE TO PRAY A LOT.

·                The Presence of Faith, Does Not Mean and Absence of Planning

·                Nehemiah did Nothing for Three Days, Do we Take Time to Sit Before God?

·                Opposition does not mean that you are outside of the Will of God.

  Week 2 class handout

Third Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 4:1-9:

  ·                Are We Standing in the Way of Someone Finding Healing?

·                Critic’s Resist Change, Run with Critics, and Don’t See Things from God’s Perspective

·                Intensified Opposition Requires Intensified Action.

  Week 3 class handout

Fourth Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 4:10-28:

  ·                A loss of Strength, leads to a loss of Vision, then goes the Confidence, and followed by the loss of Security.  Here comes Discouragement.

·                Determine a Rallying Point for your Family

·                Discouragement comes when we take our eyes off of Jesus.

·                God calls us to have a balance of faith and action.

  Week 4 class handout

Fifth Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 5:

  ·                You Cannot Gradually Stop Sinning. (v 10)

·                Correction is Carried Out Most Effectively When we Make a Promise, Preferably a Public Promise

·                Its Ok to have Nice Things, but it is not OK to Let Nice Things Have You.

·                Our Public Sin Makes us Look No Different Than the Rest of The World

  Week 5 class handout

Sixth Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 6:

  ·                Discernment Comes From God.

·                It is OK to say NO.

·                Fear Does Not Give License to Sin.

  Week 6 class handout

Seventh Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 8:

  ·                Lets get our Toaster’s Plugged In

·                Become Christians that Care about the Voice of God.

·                Gaining Insight takes Time, the Right People and the Right Attitude

  Week 7 class handout

Eighth Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 8:

  ·                Say No to Spiritual Anorexia and Bulimia

·                Develop a Plan

·                Focus on the Benefits

Week 8 class handout


Ninth Week’s Takeaways – Nehemiah 9:

  ·                In the beginning we are indeed the subject and center of our prayers.  In time, we pass from thinking of God as a part of our life, to the realization that we are a part of His.

Week 9 class handout

10th Week's Takeaways – Nehemiah Chapter 9:

·                Serious Thought Precedes Serious Change.

·                Written Plans Confirm Right Priorities (The Art of Journaling)

·                A Loss of Distinction and Conformity to the World go hand in hand.

Week 10 class handout

11th Week's Takeaways – Nehemiah Chapter 10:

·                Your Gifts make you valuable although not always famous.

·                Every Lobor done in Love is Remembered by God.

·                Our Final Rewards will be determined on the basis of Faithfulness - Not Public Applause.

Week 11 class handout