Hebrews Highlights

Hebrews Highlights

Ministering spirits . . . our Best Friend . . . disastrous unbelief, falling away . . .

power of God's Word . . .God's better way . . . faith . . . endurance . . .discipline . . . service

Exciting scenes from a powerful portion of the Bible!


Let's roll the highlights film . . .

This highlight film has nine scenes, which we'll view one by one.

1. Angels


2. My Best Friend

A friend in high places! This is the one Person to get to know if you want to get ahead in life

3. Unbelief

Can it happen to you? What is the consequence? Can you slip up and lose your salvation?

4. THE Power!

God's word is incredible. It's a powerful tool when used wisely.

5. A Better Way

God gave us a great plan, called the New Covenant. How does this impact us on a daily basis?

6. Faith

A little thing that goes a long way! Let's talk about it.

7. Endurance

Do you want more of this? Here are some hints . . .

8. Discipline

The only way to grow up in Christ. How and why does God do this?

9. Service

Does God desire our obedience more than our and quot;sacrificeand quot;? We'll look at His instructions about how to please Him.

God is the director of this film. He involves everyone who is willing to participate, and rewards them with peace of mind and eternal life. So, get in the action!

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